Newest addition to Lee Line artifacts collection






Since most Lee Line silverware is at the bottom of the Mississippi River, I was very happy to see this fork listed on EBay and was able to add it to my collection of 2 Lee Line spoons.  Perhaps a Lee Line knife is hidden away in someones drawer waiting  to visit EBay.


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2 Responses to Newest addition to Lee Line artifacts collection

  1. Justin barber says:

    A friend of mine has a coffee creamer pitcher that is silver and it has Lee line Steamers on it. He says he has three pieces to the set.

  2. Lola CULLER says:

    I have a sugar bowl, no lid, engraved with “Lee Line Steamers”. It is made by Reed & Barton, number on bottom is “1575”. 20 oz. And it is worn, but looks like it says, ” Pat Feb 5 1898″.
    Does anyone know any thing as bout this?
    Thank you, Lola Culler

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