125 and 100 years ago in Memphis

Mid-South Memories from the Memphis Commercial Appeal Nov. 7, 2012

100 years ago Nov. 7, 1912:  “The steamer, Peters Lee, will arrive this morning after being tied to the bank at Caseyville, Ky., for almost a month.  She will be unloaded and tied to the bank here to await a better stage of water in the Ohio before resuming her trips.  Capt. Pete Lee was in command on her trip downriver.”

125 years ago Nov. 7, 1887: “A police sergeant has been accused of accepting $25 from a contractor who had a gang of 300 laborers aboard a steamboat and wanted them kept on board when the boat tied up here for fuel and provisions.  The city escaped the plague of lawlessness that would have fallen upon it had the 300 been allowed off the boat, but the police force had to fight valiantly with their clubs and fist to resist the landing.”

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