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1874 Competitor Pass

Both the Idlewild and Quick Step entered the Lee Line fleet after 1874.  Capt. James Lee Sr. had a knack for buying or chartering boats as family boats were lost or sent to repair yards following accidents.

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Theodore Roosevelt came to St. Louis by way of steamboat 1907

St. Louis river front 1907 Theodore Roosevelt landed on the Lee Line wharf boat.  The top panorama was enhanced using PhotoShop to take out the folds in the original postcard.

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Lee Line creamer

Another recent find also purchased from an antique dealer who to the best of his recollection purchased it years ago at a garage or estate sale.  Originally this creamer was very thinly silver plated since the family knew that most of the … Continue reading

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Original Lee Line Poster

This poster came from a family member by way of an antique dealer who purchased it years ago.  I am happy to return it to the family.

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