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  1. David B. Baker says:

    I have a blueprint for a Lee Line boat SNAPPER. The blueprint has this wording:
    Lee Line Steamers Memphis Tennessee
    Str. Snapper
    Designed under the direction of Capt Robert E. Lee
    By Otto S. Voit Jeffersonville Ind. Dec 5, 1923

    Otto S. Voit was my great grandfather. I find nothing in registries such as Way’s Towboat and Way’s Packet Directory. I did find a miniature wooden model of the SNAPPER hull at the Howard Shipyard Museum many years ago. Can you tell me if the SNAPPER was ever built?

    • leelinesteamers says:

      David, thank you for your inquiry. My grandfather and his brother Peters Lee tried to continue
      the Lee Line following the death of their father James Lee Jr Feb 1905. Part of their operation was
      operating small ferries in addition to several Lee Line boats. Perhaps the Snapper was intended to
      be a small ferry or a feeder boat that steamed up small tributaries of the Mississippi to bring freight
      to the Mississippi. This attempt to carry on the operation of the Lee Line failed since the operation
      failed to generate enough profit to service the debt the estate of James Lee Jr took back from my grandfather
      and great uncle Peters Lee. In 1926 the operation was liquidated to pay back the debt.

      Jim Lee

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