PETERS LEE postcard

This postcard entered my collection of Lee Line Steamer postcards thanks to an EBay seller.   The reverse, has a line with the caption ON BOARD LEE LINE STEAMER where the writer of the card can name the Lee Line boat on which they are traveling.  Having watched EBay for a number of years in search of different family boat postcards, I had not seen this card until recently when I was able to purchase it for a nominal price.

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  1. David French says:

    Historic James Lee House …A new beginning for this famous old Memphis Home

    Memphis has had more than its fair share of “things gone wrong” in City Planning, when one solution generally seemed to be ‘Demolish it!” But here’s one story about a grand old building that the city may have finally gotten right – The James Lee House, AKA the Harsson-Goyer-Lee House and the Memphis Academy of Art. This great example of Victorian-Italianate architecture has sat vacant for over 50 years, frozen in time. It has literally been crumbling to its foundations, but its grand, sweeping lines and ornate details, somehow, managed to hang on – barely. It has literally “existed” in its original condition for the last half century. It has never been restored and was ripe for another “typical Memphis demolition”. But this time it didn’t happen. This is the story of this beautiful old house from the humble beginning up to what will be a complete restoration – and another chance to become a vital force in the “New” Memphis.

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