Lee Line wharf boat St. Louis post card

Here is another view of the St. Louis water front with the Lee Line wharf boat in the background.

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9 Responses to Lee Line wharf boat St. Louis post card

  1. Bill O'Keefe says:

    Nice website, I came across it while researching my gggrandfather Josiah Lee, James Lee 1’s, brother

    • Jim Lee says:

      Thank you for your visit to Leelinesteamers. What information have you found about Josiah Lee?

      • Bill O'Keefe says:

        Hi Jim

        I have a lot of information on Lee’s from Stewart co Tn. . My Great Grandmother was Josiah Lee’s oldest daughter. Josiah left Tennessee in 1851 and settled in Missouri.


  2. leelinesteamers says:

    Some time around 1851 James Lee Sr. my great great great grand father left Stewart County and came to Memphis. I have a family lineage dating sometime in the early 1950’s that was sent to my fathers mother tracing the Lee family from Scotland in the 1600’s
    through colonial America to Stewart County.


  3. leelinesteamers says:

    Bill, I will email you a PDF from 1952.


  4. trina says:

    I have an old picture of several steamboats on the river delivering cotton bales and old bags with mules. The only boat name I can make out on this picture Lee Line St. Louis & Memphis. I am trying to find a picture of this steamboat and what date it was around. Can anyone direct me to a website or give info?

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