1871 PHIL ALLIN and 1877 COAHOMA payment receipts

1871 1877 bills

These receipts are 2 of 4 recent finds dating to the early history of the Lee Line.  Both show James Lee Sr. my great great grandfather as Captain.    The clerks signature Lee would have been Stacker Lee who is listed as the clerk on the PHIL ALLIN in Capt. William Tippitt’s History of the Lee Line January 8, 1872.  Capt. Tippitt in another part of his history recorded his inability to find a photograph of Stacker after searching old newspaper archives.  The PHIL ALLIN was constructed in Memphis and began service January 1871.

Way’s Packet Directory reported the COAHOMA had a $18,400 annual US Mail contract to carry mail between Memphis and Friars Point.

Capt. Tippitt’s history reported Capt. Stacker Lee in command of the COAHOMA Jan. 1, 1878.

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