Stacker Lee final resting place Elmwood Cemetery Mphs. TN

Stacker Lee Elmwoodstacker Lee anchor Elmwood

Samuel Stacker Lee is buried in his wife’s family plot in Elmwood Cemetery.  Stacker was the younger brother of James Lee Jr.  A newspaper account reported Stacker becoming sick with Yellow Fever sometime in the early 1880’s.  He recovered but died at a fairly young 46.   Several years after his death, his widow Lizzie Lee and son moved to California.

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  1. Susan Lea says:

    In going through old family photos, I’ve come across several taken on the “Stacker Lee.” One photo shows the name of the ship behind the group of people, one shows the large ship bell, and one is with the unnamed Captain. Out of curiosity I googled the name “Stacker Lee” and was fascinated to find this site! If you’re interested in copies of the photos, let me know.

    I’ve had the old song “Stagger Lee” running through my head while I’ve been working on these photos, so imagine my surprise to find out there’s a connection.

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