JAMES LEE postcard Galina IL

JAMES LEE ILLINOIS - CopyRecently this postcard along with 8 other cards depicting the arrival, unloading and departure of the JAMES LEE and the JOHN BERTRAM were available for purchase on EBay.   I was able to purchase these 9 cards for my growing Lee Line collection.  Another of these cards shows several very small local trade stern-wheel boats with the home port of Galina IL painted on the stern of one of the small steamers.   This picture would have been taken prior to 1912 since the JOHN BERTRAM was retired from service in 1912.  Further research reports the JOHN BERTRAM was build to ferry rail cars for the Illinois Central Rail Road.

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  1. Marsha says:

    I have some glass negatives of Lee Line Steamers if you are interested.

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