REES LEE postcard postmarked Northwood Iowa Aug 9, 1913


REES LEE Northwood Iowa

REES LEE Northwood Iowa

This postcard was another recent EBay find.  The addressee is Mrs. H.J. Sewoster 1268 E 90 St., Cleveland Ohio.  A Google search yielded a 1900 Federal Census Cuyahoga County Ohio listing H.J. Sewoster age 17 and his birthplace listed as Germany.  His parents are also listed along with an older brother age 22 born in Germany and 3 younger brothers born in Ohio.  The card was from Mr. and Mrs. G.E. McIuatters and reads “We haven’t forgotten you but were waiting for these cards.  Does this picture look natural?  We just returned from a 200 mile auto trip.  Weather is grand here now.”  I hope to have a Photoshop repair done on this card to remove the crease available to post within the week.

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