Times gone by in Memphis

The Memphis Commerical Appeal May 18, 2012 reported the following for May 18, 1887

“A large number of excursionists from Illinois who came to see the delights of Memphis aboard the steamer BUCKEY STATE, yesterday visited the Cotton Exchange and Merchants Exchanges.  A number of them expressed a determination to move to Memphis.”

Since Memphis had suffered from several outbreaks of Yellow Fever resulting in the deaths of thousands of Memphians, this is quite interesting.

The Commercial Appeal also reported the following for May 18, 1912

“A parting shot at gambling in Memphis will be taken by the retiring Grand Jury today.  In its supplemental report to Judge Jesse Edgington there will be included a long list of saloon-keepers accused of running gambling houses in connection with their bars.”

Before and during that time, the Memphis City Directory listed more saloons by far than any other businesses.   The City Directories listed name, race, address and the occuption of many Memphis residents.  Old Directory listings can be searched at the following link:  http://register.shelby.tn.us/ under the tab Memphis City Directories 1859 through 1923.


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