Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen March 2012 Peters Lee

March 2010 S & D Reflector Peters Lee

This article is from the most recent issue of the S & D Reflector.  David Tschiggfrie Editor of the Reflector graciously gave me permission to use this article which is part of a longer article titled Falls Heroes:  Louisville’s Lifesavers Chapter 5 by Leland Johnson.  This article recounts some of the history of the lifesavers who risked their lives  during a number steamboat accidents on the Ohio River in the Louisville area and concludes with the above account of helping the passengers of the Peters Lee in a difficult situation.   For anyone interested in river history, the quarterly issues of the S & D Reflector always have interesting articles for those of us who enjoy reading about the steam era of river transportation.  For more information on membership in Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen, the recently updated web site offers further information:, dues are a very reasonable $31 per year.



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