Memphis wharfboat

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  1. Stacy Sasala says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you kept logs on your past employees ? I’m doing a family tree and I have a great great grandfather who worked on a wharf boat in Memphis in 1860 as a clerk. His name was Louis p wilkinson ( Wilkerson) he was originally from louisiania. I found him on a census record in 1860 in Memphis, TN.
    Thanks for all your help
    Stacy Sasala

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Stacy, thank you for visiting The Lee Line did not begin business until
      after the Civil War. My great great great grandfather James Lee came to Memphis in 1858 and
      operated several boats until the war forced Memphis river commerce to end when Union forces seized
      and occupied Memphis. The old city directories which can be found at
      under the old city directories 1859 – 1923 tab. These old directories list the occupation along with
      the name and address of each adult in the city. You can sort by street or name to find your ancestor.

      Hope this helps
      Jim Lee

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