REES LEE glass negative

These pictures are from a set of glass negatives purchased at an auction in Northwest Arkansas.

Lee 9-4 003Lee 9-4 002printLee 9-4 005print

REES LEE passenger cabin

REES LEE passenger cabin

Lee 9-4 004print Rees Lee workerLee 9-4 006print

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  1. David Reed says:

    I’m the curator of the Reno County Museum. I recently came across a box of glass negatives in our archive. I went through the process of “developing” them with a digital camera. Most of the photographs were of events and buildings in the county. However, one stood out. It is a photograph of a Rees Lee steamship. Reno County doesn’t have a maritime history. If I was to email the photograph, is it possible to find out any more information on it?

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