Lee Line Boat Sinking Reports

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  1. Mark A. Scott says:


    These are some links from the Commercial Appeal that mention Ruth Cochran Moon’s marriage to Shelby Ress Lee at her mothers home 1917 Central Avenue (Ruth Moon).
    Very descriptive of wedding, house, as well as, a Silver Coffee set given to the couple from the Lee Steamer Lines.
    I have spoken to you before regarding information on the house. In my hunt through The Commercial Appeal files – I found a lot. There is is more information about (ads for Cooks and Nurses for baby after the wedding. Also found information on Ruth Moon & her husband Edward Moon.
    Hope this is of use.
    Again if you ever come across any images of the house – or even Ruth Moon Id love to have a copy for the house history.
    Mark A. Scott
    1917 Central Avenue

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