1868 Early Lee Line boats NATOMA and NATRONA

Capt. William Tippitt’s History of the Lee Line sited the Memphis Appeal Jan. 3, 1868 “A change has taken place in management of Str. NATOMA Capt. James Lee , formerly of DAN ABLE in Memphis & Vicksburg trade, will be in command and Capt. J. C. Cummings will return to piloting along with S. H. Whitehead.  Capt. Tippitt also recorded the following from the Memphis Appeal April, 26, Capt. Jim Lee has purchased from Mr. Ellerton his one half interest in the steamer NATOMA, at the rate of $9000 for whole.  This is much below her value, but Mr. Ellerton would no doubt prefer to have given an interest to the old veteran than to have sold at a good price to anyone else.   The NATOMA will be laid up a few weeks for and undergo a overhaul preparatory to resuming her place in Friar’s Point (Miss.) trade, where she will stay – live of die; sink or swim; survive or perish.”  The freight bill below is a recent find.

Memphis Appeal June 8, reported “Mr. Stacker Lee returned from Cincinnati , he reported that the NATOMA has been hauled out on ways there and that a new hull is being placed under her.”

Way’s Packet Directory makes no mention of the NATOMA nor can a picture be found of her in the Univ of Wisconsin LaCrosse archive of steamboats.   However, Ways’s Directory recorded the NATRONA becoming part of the Lee Line April 1868 to replace the PRINCE OF WALES (owned by Capt James Lee prior to the war) which was burned July 13, 1863 prevent capture.

The drawing below the freight bill is from Capt. Tippitt’s History of the Lee Line.

1868 Natoma

00032 year 1867 picture of Natoma

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