Steamer VERNE SWAIN newest addition to collection

This VERNE SWAIN postcard recently was offered for sale on EBay and I was able to add it to my collection of boats owned by the VALLY LINE.  This picture would have been taken well before the VALLEY LINE owned this boat.  There are pictures of the VERNE SWAIN taken at the Memphis riverfront sometime in the 1920’s.  The Valley Line was formed by the merger of Lee Line boats bought by Peters Lee, my grandfather S Rees Lee and the KATE ADAMS.  Way’s Packet Directory list three boats named the VERNE SWAIN, this is boat 5552 in Way’s listings.


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2 Responses to Steamer VERNE SWAIN newest addition to collection

  1. Peter Lee says:

    Some very nice additions to the collection! Thanks as lways for posting!

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Peter, thank you for your continued interest. After further study, I need to correct the
      description since the Verne Swain postcard is the first Verne Swain and the Lee Line owned
      the 3rd Verne Swain.


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