Family heirloom From Ohio

Recently a gentleman from Ohio contacted me seeking information about his Lee Line serving dish which passed down to him from his great grandmother.    The dish sat in his parents home for years without much notice until he came across and contacted me.  The PETERS LEE ran the Memphis Cincinnati trade; therefore this dish most likely came from the PETERS.   There are 4 dishes known to me – including this dish.  The Woodruff Fountaine House 680 Adams Ave. Memphis has a very nice one on display, my friend Ed Provine owns an equally nice one and Ed graciously sold me a second dish from his collection of steamboat items.   Many would be old Lee Line items went to the bottom of the Mississippi when boats sank and when the Lee Line Wharfboat burned and sank at the foot of Beale Street in the mid 1920’s.  Thank you for sharing pictures of your dish Joe.   I am always interested in locating Lee Line items.

LeeLine serving dish 1LeeLine serving dish 2

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