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  1. anthony says:

    this pic taken in my hometown. hickman, ky

  2. anthony says:

    if u have any knowledge of any steamboats/paddleboats of any company at all in Hickman Ky. I would be more than interested in learning about them. I worked on modern day ‘towboats’ for 24 yrs. as a mate/deckhand. I also have a fb page “hickman ky history ‘born and raised’. that is mostly about the miss river, as it is a river town where i grew up. thank you very much

    • Marcus Tullis says:

      My great grandfather, Lewis David Tullis worked for a time with Lee Line in Hickman before taking employment on the Str John S Summers sometime around 1894 or 95.

      Here are a couple links to some photos I have stored on imgur that might be of use to you.

      Lewis Tullis seated on railing (left) wearing Captain’s cap and smoking his pipe.

      At the wheel of the Str John S Summers

      Brief mention of his sudden stroke in the Hickman Courier, Sept 10, 1914

      Obituary in Hickman Courier, Sept 17, 1914

      I realize that these photos don’t include any of the Lee Line boats, but he had been a pilot and captain for Lee lines prior to taking work as the Captain of the Str John S Summers. He thought enough of Lee Lines that he named his second son, Robert Lee Tullis (born in Mabel, KY in 1901) after Lee Lines with his middle name.

      I hope you find these photos helpful, or at least interesting in some way related to the Port of Hickman.

  3. any info/pics of lee steamboats, especially in the hickman, ky area would be very appreciated thank you…btw I love your website.

    • leelinesteamers says:

      John, thank you for your interest in the Lee Line. Most of the pictures I have displayed have
      been EBay finds. If I come across pictures such as the ones you are interested in seeing, I
      certainly will add to my site. Blessings, Jim Lee

  4. Thank you leelinesteamers

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