Steamer MORNING STAR at Lee Line landing Greenville MS

Another recent EBay find. The steamboat at the Landing is the MORNING STAR which according to Way’s Packet Directory was built at Howard Shipyard Jeffersonville Indiana in 1901, she was 225 feet x 38 feet with a 6 foot draft. In 1910 her new owner added 25 additional feet to her length. Way’s history records her in 1915 September and October she made a tourist trip from St. Louis to New Orleans which explains her stopping in Greenville possibly to refuel. The Morning Star was destroyed by fire on November 4, 1922 when “a heedless watchman boiling tar on her galley stove for roof repairs caused the blaze. Of additional interest is the advertising banner BON BON Baking Powder, I have not seen advertising on previous family boats.

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