Robert E Lee, Bayliss G Lee and Lady Lee Phillips Edge

Robert E. Lee is the gentleman on the left.  Seated is Bayliss Lee.  Standing on the right is Lady Lee Phillips Edge.  Robert E Lee ran the Lee Line for quite a number of years.  Bayliss Lee managed Lee Brothers which was a seperate industrial supply business which was the sole supplier to the Lee Line for all items used on the families steamboats.  Additionally, Bayliss later took over the Bohlen-Huse Coal and Ice business which was a Lee family business.  Lady Lee Phillips Edge was the daughter of their sister Sadie(Sally) Lee Phillips.  She was married to Walter Evans Edge who served as Ambassador to France and later was governor of New Jersey.  Sadly she died 4 days after giving birth to their first child.  This picture was taken from a custom postcard taken at Jersey City New Jersey sometime in the 1900 teens.




4 Responses to Robert E Lee, Bayliss G Lee and Lady Lee Phillips Edge

  1. Jennifer says:

    I am greatly enjoying your website! My family and I live in what was originally a home built (on East Parkway) for Capt. Robert E. Lee. We learned from the previous owners a little about the Lee family. I just found your site on my iPhone and look forward to being able to learn more on the pc with my kids. The pictures are fabulous! Thanks for sharing them.

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Jennifer, thank you for your interest in my web site. I plan on
      adding additional Lee Line pictures from the University of Wisconsin
      archive which contains a number of interesting pictures.
      Again, thank you for your interest.

      Jim Lee

  2. Bob anton says:

    Just saw s&d with logo of lee line. Went to your web site lots of information. I was captain of julia belle swain in peoria also captain on spirit of peoria. Thanks for your website bob anton

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Bob, thank you for your interest in my web site. A second part of the Lee Line history will likely be published in the next S&D issue. Currently I am working on part 3.

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