1915 HARRY LEE (2nd) – Univ of Wisconsin collection

HARRY LEE:  Boat 2541 Way’s Packet Directory page 208.  Stern Wheel, steel hull, Packet builtSt. LouisMo., 1915, 175.5 x 36 x 6.7.  Engines, 16’s – 6.  Three boilers set on her backwards; fired from the deck-room.   Owned by the Lee Line, Memphis.  Ran Memphis-Helena-Friars Point.  In January 1921 she was 40 miles up the St. Francis River(Arkansas).  She was built at the Phil A. Rohan Boat, Boiler & Tank Works,St. Louis.Last owned by the Valley Line,Memphis, which sold her June 1924 to Sherburne Transportation Co.  She served during WWII atAlexandria La., on the Red River as a barracks for soldiers, and was moved from there toOrange,Tex., used to quarter shipyard workmen and burned May 12, 1942.  She was then converted into a showboat at Orange and was still there in 1951.

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