Lee Line Covington Kentucky landing

This post card was post marked April 7, 1931 Covington Kentucky.  The Lee Line went into voluntary liquidation in 1926.   There are no clear lettering on the steamboat indicating its name.  The wagon behind the Lee Line Steamers sign in the foreground is from the Louisville Paper Co.  Likely this picture was taken sometime in the early to mid 1920’s.  Post cards in the early 1900’s cost a penny to mail.  This card also carries a penny stamp.

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2 Responses to Lee Line Covington Kentucky landing

  1. Lauren Perkins says:

    How can I go about getting copyright for the above image of the steamboat on the Ohio River, Kentucky?

    Thank you in advance.

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Lauren, thank you for your interest in Leelinesteamers. The picture you inquired about
      to the best of my knowledge is public domain.
      Jim Lee

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