LADY LEE at launch Jeffersonville Ind. 1889

LADY LEE: Boat 3338 Way’s Packet Directory page 275. Stern Wheeler, Packet, wood hull, built by the Howard Ship Yard Jeffersonville Ind. 1889, 176 x 35 x 5.5. Engines 16’s – 6 ft. Three boilers. She and the ROWENA LEE were built about the same time for the Lee Line to run Memphis – Ashport Tn. She carried the whistle from the COAHOMA. Sank in fifteen feet in the chute at Island 40, July 5, 1895. Sand washed out from under her head, the hog chains parted and she proved a total loss. Capt. William J. Irwin related that LADY LEE landing was on the Arkansas shore on the Mississippi opposite Island 35 up about the middle bar. After this loss the Lee Line bought the RUTH as a replacement.  This picture is from my brother George Lee’s collection.

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