REES LEE taking on a load of cotton circa 1908 – 1910

Recently I was contacted by an individual (M.K.) who purchased at auction, a set of glass negatives of the REES LEE taken somewhere on the Mississippi River taking on a load of cotton and cotton seed during the winter.  Most likely the last of that years cotton crop was being brought to the river to be shipped to market.  M.K. graciously offered to sell me these previously unseen images which I agreed to purchase.   The picture below shows a number of interesting things, heavy iron tractor wheels are on the fore deck to the right of the boom mast, a wagon on top of the passenger deck along with a very large crate likely containing a carriage, in addition to barrels and snakes of cotton samples.  The temperature must have been quite cold since the passengers looking down are all dressed in heavy coats with head coverings on some of the ladies.   These pictures would have been taken around 1905.  Thank you M.K. for selling these great images.Lee 9-4 003

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