Lee Line Charter of CITY OF SAVANNAH OCT. 1894


Way’s Packet Directory records the CITY OF SAVANNAH as chartered to the Lee Line in September 1895.  The above charter agreement shows the charter occuring October 11, 1894.  Robert E Lee became general manager of the Lee Line in 1894 taking over from his father James Lee Jr.  In 1894 the JAMES LEE (first) was retired from service which leads me to believe that the CITY OF SAVANNAH was chartered to fill in for the JAMES LEE until a similar size boat could be purchased.  Way’s mentions the CITY OF SAVANNAH was chartered to run out of Memphis.  The St. Louis & Tennessee River Packet Co. was a competitor to the Lee Line.

Of interest is the lettering on the stationary “THE BEST WAY TO THE WORLD’S FAIR.”

This document was salvaged from the Lee Building downtown Memphis by my brother George in the early 1980’s.

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