Bohlen-Huse July 1912 ice wars

The Memphis Commercial Appeal Mid South Memories for July 16, 1912:

“The Bohlen-Huse Ice Co. has started an ice-price war among local dealers.  The average price of ice in Memphis for family consumption until yesterday was 35 cents per 100 pounds.  But Bayliss G. Lee Bohlen-Huse president, said that until price is stabilized at 20 cents per 100 pounds to dealers and 30 cents to families, his firm will sell ice for 10 cents.”

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2 Responses to Bohlen-Huse July 1912 ice wars

  1. Matthew Nowlin says:

    I would imagine that a city the size of Memphis would have had many ice houses in this era, but I can only find mention of one. It was in the building currently occupied by The Butcher Shop in downtown Memphis.

    With no other “candidates” I have assumed this was the ice house JDN worked in during the depression. Any thoughts?

  2. leelinesteamers says:

    Matthew, there were a number of ice houses in business during the teens and through the depression. You can do a little research using the city directories which are online at Tom Leatherwood’s Shelby County Register of Deeds web site under the City Directories 1859 – 1923 to check the locations of the Bohlen Huse Ice Co or the business located where the Butcher Shop currently is located.

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