LeeLineSteamers.com is one year old today

Thank you for visiting LeeLineSteamers.com.   My goal is to find pictures of all Lee Line Steamer boats and to display them on this web site.  Recently I found in the University of Wisconsin La Crosse online archive of 3600 plus steamboat pictures several Lee Line boats of which there are only one or two pictures available.  I will be adding these pictures shortly.  The Lee Line began a slow break up beginning in 1914/15 when my great uncle Peters Lee and my grandfather S Rees Lee purchased several idle boats and wharf-boats to start the St. Louis Memphis Transportation Co. and the Majestic Excursion Line.  These boats were the GEORGIA LEE, FERD HAROLD and the REES LEE (renamed MAJESTIC).  Following the sale of these steamboats, the Lee Line transitioned into the excursion business.  In 1924 the Lee Line sold remaining boats and property to a separate company and took back bonds as financing for the new company.  By 1926 the family realized this new steamboat company was unprofitable and very likely to remain unprofitable, resulting in a liquidation of the companies assets by court order.   Peters Lee purchase some of the assets and continued in the steamboat business.

Again, thank you for visiting LeeLineSteamers.com.

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  1. Margaret Ritsema says:

    Happy website birthday! Love what you’ve posted, Dad.

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