Sadie Lee Univ of Wisconsin Neg. 33042

Ways Packet Directory boat 4908; Sadie Lee was named after the daughter of Captain and Mrs. James Lee, Jr. Original cost was $10,000. She came out in Memphis-Ashport trade and later ran Memphis-Vicksburg. On November 13, 1910 she struck a log at O.K. Landing, on the Mississippi River while enroute to Memphis, Tennessee. She sank and was raised with estimated damage at $7,000. On November 15, 1912, while upbound, she hit a snag and sank at Dennis Landing, Mississippi. The John Lee and the Kate Adams picked up some of the passengers.

This picture is used with permission from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Collection.

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  1. Shae Wiley says:

    I have a photo of Sadie Lee when, we believe, she sank at Dennis Landing. The reason we believe it is from Dennis Landing is that she is listing on one side and is very near land. The photo appears to have been taken from the river, possibly from John Lee or Kate Adams deck. We are still unsure where the photo came from originally, but it is part of a large collection of photographs that I purchased from a private estate in Tunica, MS. Additionally, we have a Homan Mfg Co sugar bowl, embossed with the name “Str. Kate Adams,” which we are seeking more information on.

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