Peters Lee June 27, 1929 scrape with the law

Steamboat Head Arrested on Liquor Charge June 27, 1929

The Evening Independent Newspaper St. Petersburg Florida reported on June 27, 1929 the following story

G Peters Lee Caught after repeated warnings by Memphis Chief of Police

Memphis Tenn., June 27 (AP)

G. Peters Lee, president of the Valley Line Steamers, Inc. was arrested today on charges of possession of liquor, conspiracy to violate the prohibition law and violating the liquor law.   He immediately made bond of $500 cash of each of the charges.

Capt. Lee’s arrest followed a visit by police chief  Will D. Lee and Capt. Hulet Smith accompanied by Finis Wilson, federal prohibition chief, here.  The officers said they found 75 gallons of liquor on the wharf-boat and 100 gallons in an auto.

“For years I have been telling Captain Lee that we would get him sooner or later,” Chief Lee said.  “We have arrested several of his employees and each time have given Captain Lee a warning.”  We have an open and shut case on him this time.”,3365001

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