1901 SADIE LEE Univ. of Wisconsin collection

Sadie Lee Univ of Wisconsin Neg. 33042

SADIE LEE:  Boat  4908 Way’s Packet Directory page 408.  Sternwheel Packet, built Jeffersonville Ind by Howard Shipyard 1901.  140 ft x 26 ft x 3.5 ft.  Built for the LEE LINE Memphis, Tenn.  Engines 12′s -6 ft.  Came out in Memphis – Ashport trade.  Capt. George Carvell, master; William (Billy) Smithers first clerk; Frank Watkins 2nd clerk; Tim Allen and John Seymour mates; Jack Walsh steward; George Woodford and Wes Owens pilots and Dick Johnson and Joe Riveras engineers.  Later ran Memphis – Vicksburg.  Sank O.K. Landing Nov. 13, 1910.  Hit a snag and sank at Dennis Landing Nov. 15, 1910 upbound, Capt. Thomas Staid in command.  The JOHN LEE was sent down from Memphis and the KATE ADAMS picked up some of the passengers.  Miss Sadie Ardinger Lee daughter of the late Capt. and Mrs. James Lee Jr.  (incorrect she was the daughter of James Lee 3rd. son of James Lee Jr.), died May 16, 1963.  She was the last of her generation for whom boats had been named.

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