1887 ROSA LEE – Univ of Wisconsin collection

Rosa Lee neg 10988 Univ of Wisconsin collection

This steamboat was named for my great aunt Rosa.  Rosa founded the James Lee Memorial Art Academy in the Lee House 690 Adams Street Memphis TN.  She later purchased the Woodriff Fountain House 680 Adams to expand the Academy.  In the late 1950’s the Art Academy move to its present location and became the Memphis Art Academy.

ROSA LEE:  Boat 4827 Way’s Packet Directory page 401.  Stern Wheeler, Packet, wood hull, built Paducah Ky. 1887, 225 x 36 x 7.  Engines 32’s – 7 ft. from FRANK PARGOUD.  Christened by Jennie Fowler daughter of Capt. Joe Fowler.  Owned by the Lee Line Memphis.  Burned at Memphis Nov. 10, 1892

This picture was used with permission from the Univ of Wisconsin collection.

2 Responses to 1887 ROSA LEE – Univ of Wisconsin collection

  1. leelinesteamers says:

    Jean, thank you for your interest in Lee Line history and your sharing about your
    families paintings of Lee Line boats and the Kate Adams. How can I help you?

    Jim Lee

    • Jean Cash Scott says:

      I have two paintings that were passed down in our family for about a hundred years. I would like to see if anyone would like them. One is slightly damaged – water. Whoever painted these actually put my great-grandfather’s name on a small sailboat in one corner of the painting. My great-grandmother’s name was put on a bale of cotton in the other picture. I have had scans made and reproductions of the paintings done for myself, my brother, and my cousin. If you want me to send these paintings to you, please let me know. Jean Scott email address is jcscott49@gmail.com

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