1902 ELEONORE University of Wisconsin collection

Eleonore neg 11435 Univ of Wisconsin collection

Used with permission from the Univ of Wisconsin collection.

ELEONORE:  Boat 1752 Way’s Packet Directory page 144.  Stern Wheel, Packet, wood hull, built Beardstown Ill 1902, 126.8 x 23 x 3.8.  Owned in her later years by the Lee Line.  Burned at Memphis September 1911 and rebuilt.  Turned turtle (in a tornado – see New York Times article) 20 miles above Memphis drowning several passengers and her purser while she was in theMemphis – Ashport trade.  This happened June 6, 1916 resulting in lawsuits which found the Lee Line not liable since the court ruled the capsizing an “Act of God.”  (PICTURED in Lee Line Fleet 1912 picture)

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