1902 STACKER LEE pilot Univ of Wisconsin collection

Stacker Lee pilot house Univ of Wisconsin neg 46172

UW La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs

The pilot is holding a hat which faintly reads Lee Line.  The STACKER LEE was affectionately called STACK-O-Dollars since she made the Lee Line alot of money.   Stacker Lee was the younger brother of James Lee Jr. and had a completely different temperment than his older brother.  Sometime during one of the Yellow Fever outbreaks Stacker became infected but survived.    The book Memphis Down in Dixie has quite a bit to say about Stacker.  The STACKER LEE was built quite a while after Stacker died.

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  1. Jack Lee Wall says:

    My mother was Beulah Lee, a granddaughter of Josiah Lee and Evaline Brizendine who lived near Galatin, Missouri. Her father was Robert Edward Lee. Rumor that Josiah was a younger brother of James Lee triggered my interest when I was searching for a
    direct line to a Civil War veteran. I’ve always been interested in Lee genealogy and was
    helped greatly by Mary Pyland, a distant cousin.

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