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Lee Line Steamers Poster R. Ferris Collection














This picture was sent to me by Keith Norrington Curator of the Howard Shipyard Museum Jeffersonville Indiana with the following history.  “I am attaching a photo of a Lee Line poster that is now in the collection of the Pott Waterways Library at the Mercantile Library in St. Louis.  The late Miss Ruth Ferris, well known St. Louis river historian, acquired this poster when she purchased a large framed steamboat picture.  When she took it apart for cleaning, she found not one, but two of these Lee Line posters being used for backing.  What a find!  One of them was framed and displayed in Ruth’s “Midship Museum” aboard the steamer BECKY THATCHER (formerly the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s steamboat MISSISSIPPI) at the St. Louis riverfront from 1966 until it closed in 1970.  I have no idea where that poster went, but the other one is in the collection at Mercantile now.”

Thank you Keith for sending this picture.















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  1. Jennifer Picker says:


    I am merely doing a little research right now. My family has one of the outside (rear) signs from the Steamer Becky Thatcher. My parents found it in the 70’s “beach combing”. It has been in the bar area in the house since I was 18 mos. old, I am now 41. I have recently been doing some research to see if I can determine what the value of it may be. Can someone help?

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Jennifer, thank you for your interest in leelinesteamers.com.
      If you are able to send me a picture of the sing, I will be
      happy to post it with a request from readers to give their
      thoughts on its value.

      Jim Lee

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