Lee Line Boats

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  1. rick dedman says:

    My grandfather, Richard Dedman was Warf Master at Arkansas City and was instrumental in getting the county seat moved to the new town of Arkansas City.

    I just discovered this site and need to come back and visit. My father, Richard Dedman and his mother and sisters often made the trip from Arkansas City to Memphis and back on the Kate Adams when dad was growing up.

    One of the photos of the Kate Adams I’ve seen tonight shows the Kate tied up to the levee at Arkansas City during the 1927 Flood. The two story building at the lower right of the frame is the Dedman Drug Store where my dad worked until the 1927 flood moved the River a mile from town and the economic heart of the city died.

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Rick, thank you for sharing your family experiences on the KATE ADAMS.
      The Adams’were friends of the Lee’s. Two of my great aunts (the oldest)
      were at the launch of the first KATE, which followed the first JAMES LEE
      which Major John Adams declined to take delivery of when the boat hung
      on the while being launched and her hull twisted. The first KATE was
      virtually identical to the JAMES LEE. The 3rd KATE you refer to ended
      her career as part of the Valley Line. Again, thank you for sharing
      your family history.

      Jim Lee

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