Lee Line Boat History

A nearly complete history of Lee Line owned boats has been added under Lee Line Boats tab.  My intention is to add pictures of these many boats over the next few weeks in addition to boat pictures already in place, as well as additional information from the book Paddle Wheels to Propellers which cronicles the history of the Howard Shipyard which built a number of Lee Line Boats.

Jim Lee

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3 Responses to Lee Line Boat History

  1. Thank you for your history of the Lee Lines. My mother, the late Marion Sue Bradford Thompson did several steamboat paintings of the Lee Line boats. I would have to count what we do have. Many were a part of her private collection dating back to the early 1970’s. Not all of them are on our website which was made after mom’s passing. Mom was a history buff and also left an extensive library that she used to not only paint the steamboats but also knew their history.

    • leelinesteamers says:

      Michael, thank you the link to your mother’s work. Her painting of the James Lee would have been of the first James Lee. Over time I plan to add m0re pictures of Lee Line boats.

      Jim Lee

  2. JIm, I just added mom’s painting of Str. Rees Lee. This is actually one of my favorites of hers. Thanks for getting back with me.

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