REES LEE glass negative location unknown

This image was sent by David Reed, Chief Curator Reno County Museum and Strataca Hutchinson Kansas. David emailed the following about the collection of glass negatives,

David, thank you for allowing me to use this great image of the REES LEE going about her business. I am always on the look out for old images of LEE LINE boats.

I wish I could give you more information.  The box contained 32 plates.  With the exception of this one, they were all of recognizable locations in Reno County.  I’d say half of them were of the downtown area and events downtown in the early 1890s.  There are some that are earlier.  Reno County had (and still does) numerous salt plants.  There are photos of at least 3 different plants and the buildings located around them.  The Arkansas River flows through Reno County and Hutchinson in particular, but I don’t know of any depots we ever had on the river.  This has always been a rail town.  Looking at the photos, the river is much too wide and far too many trees to be in this area.  I also think it is unlikely to be Wichita as well.  I live in Wichita, and again, it was mainly a rail town.  The Arkansas just isn’t wide enough to support a ship of this size.  

Several years ago, a lady in Northeast Arkansas purchased at a local auction a collection of glass negatives. Included in the collection (which she graciously sold me) were 5 negatives of the REES LEE on the Mississippi River during January or February picking up the last of that previous years cotton crop as well as delivering the large iron tractor rims to a farmers landing somewhere on the Mississippi.

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